Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bomber bats spring to life during win streak

STATEN ISLAND, NY- The offense is here. It had to happen eventually.

After a slow start in which they produced only four total runs in three straight losses to fall to 1-4, the Baby Bombers have finally got it going during a current three-game win streak in which they've outscored opponents 24-13.

That included an 8-5 victory at home last night over Hudson Valley to get back to .500. In the win, Staten Island produced its first two home runs of the season with second baseman Damon Sublett smacking a two-run line drive to right in the fifth and first baseman Chase Odenreider two innings later going deep to left with his own two-run shot which gave the ballclub some much needed insurance.

Especially when the Renegades' Henry Wrigley cameback with a two-run shot of his own an inning later which proved to be the final margin.

“It’s always big to keep adding runs. It gets them down and then if you look back, the kid hits a two-run homer, it’s a different game,” right fielder David Williams pointed out.

“I finally connected with one but I got to give it to our defense played well and our pitchers threw really well also," Odenreider added.

The offensive production was a welcome sight.

“We’re starting to come around a little bit. It’s a lot more fun winning and looking forward to the next few games,” the first baseman also said as his team got ready to leave for Hudson Valley. They'll attempt to complete a sweep later tonight before playing three at Aberdeen starting Thursday.

One of the things most agreed on was that getting adjusted at this level would take a little time because you had a lot of college players who used metal bats as compared to wood.

"I think with all the college kids coming from the aluminum bats over to the wood, it takes a little time adjusting," left fielder D.J. Hollingsworth eluded to. "They're really good players. So I think it's starting to click for them."

"Yeah. I think everybody is getting pretty comfortable now and we're getting lofty a little bit. This is going to be a good team. So hopefully, we can keep swinging it," Sublett noted after his first professional homer.

"I think it's just time to come around," Williams added after a two hit night. "A lot of us are coming out of college. We're using metal bats. Obviously, pitching is a step up and using the metal bat, there's always an adjustment. So I think probably a week, two weeks in, we're starting to get the hang of it. We're getting good pitches to hit."

The recent turnaround couldn't have come at a better time for first-year skipper Mike Gillespie.

“It’s giant. Giant," he explained. "I think guys are getting to know each other a little more. Getting a feel for what this level is all about. I’m very encouraged by what we’ve seen. Not just the wins. But by the way they’ve looked and the way they’ve handled themselves.”

One aspect the former USC manager has been encouraged by is that it's not just a couple of guys.

"It's the best nights we've had with the bats. And down through the lineup. Several guys. Guys that don't get to play all the time who haven't done a whole lot when they have played. The homerun by Odenreider was giant. Hollingsworth had a good night. Did a couple of things real well. Sublett has done a lot of good things for us. [Austin] Krum has come to life a little bit."

He also singled out one of his key role players who could be vital this summer to the team's success.

"[Justin] Snyder's a good player. He's a versatile player. He's a real valuable player. This summer, I wouldn't be surprised if he'll play six different positions," about the leadoff man who manned the hot corner Tuesday night and was on-base four different times (2 hits, 2 walks) with a run scored.

"He's got a good chance to be a real good professional utility player."

With three more players coming who Gillespie hinted should all see playing time, things are looking up for the Bombers.


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